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Rocket Lab faces a key test with its first commercial payload launch in the next fortnight. Founder Peter Beck faces his own moment of truth. Can the hard-driving entrepreneur convert his corporate rocket ship into a cruiser with happy staff? Nikki Mandow reports.

Governments across the world, including in New Zealand, are engaging in “criminal negligence” by moving to centralise data without the proper precautions, an Australian-based cybersecurity consultant says.


Technology columnist Richard MacManus argues New Zealand should invest more in cyber security within Five Eyes to keep up with our partners and cope with the ever-rising use of encryption.

Newsroom's technology columnist Richard MacManus looks at why a paid version of Facebook might help users declutter and claw back their data privacy. Supermarket and petrol chains here should also watch the 'data privacy for money swap' topic closely, he argues.


The first real-world tests of 5G mobile technology in New Zealand have begun on the streets of Wellington. However, there are still a number of hurdles - both technological and bureaucratic - to overcome before consumer access becomes a reality.

Rod Oram argues in his weekly column that there's never been a better time to build a high productivity and high wage economy, but there's also a risk the current good times will allow complacency to lock in New Zealand's bad habits.

As our government prepares to spend $6 million on extra support for preschoolers with speech delays, a new study links handheld devices with an increased risk of delayed language development, writes Lynn Grieveson.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column in which I look at an unsettling prediction that the new winner-takes-all economy of robots and algorithms may actually be a net destroyer of jobs.