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Crown research institute GNS Science almost hired controversial private investigators Thompson & Clark to provide security for an offshore research project - only to pull the pin over fears of bad media coverage. Sam Sachdeva reports.


An official inquiry into Government use of private investigators has been expanded to include the entire state sector, after revelations of more ties between agencies and the firm.


Political and public administration academics Chris Eichbaum and Richard Shaw researched the free-ness and frank-ness of New Zealand’s public servants in 2005 and 2017. They found officials became more guarded in and around an increasingly politicized Beehive and suggest a few remedies for the new Government to consider.

The freeze on public sector spending is unlikely to thaw any time soon, with Finance Minister Bill English saying the Government was looking to further shrink spending as a proportion of GDP. He even hinted the Government could cut costs by digitising more Government work and putting it into the 'cloud'.