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Are there fewer complaints about our financial services sector than in Australia because the culture of banks and insurers here is better, or is it because customers are "just losing the will to live?".

A gut feeling that banks may not have learned their lesson around prudent lending is holding Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr back from easing loan to value restrictions, Lynn Grieveson reports.

Life insurance companies have less than a month to come up with information to reassure regulators that misconduct being unveiled by the Hayne Royal Commission in Australia isn’t happening here - or is being addressed.

Until now, getting a clear picture of how the country's banks stack up against each other could be a tortuous process, involving trawling through various bank sites, or a large and relatively incomprehensible spreadsheet on the Reserve Bank site. Not any more, promises the Reserve Bank.

Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr has said that New Zealand’s foreign currency settings were at the right level given that New Zealand's terms of trade were at record highs. His comments represent a significant shift from previous Governors, who have often noted the currency's strength.