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The Government, along with local government, is sending out a message that, if New Zealanders want improved water quality, they are going to have to accept higher Council rates – and even higher section and house prices.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column in which I call on Auckland to adopt targeted rates and look at selling its Port operating company, while Wellington should allow congestion charging and multiply its infrastructure fund to fund a massive and necessary road, pipe and house building programme.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column which says the Productivity Commission has exposed the depth of the Auckland housing land supply crisis and a potential way out.

For the convenience of email subscribers, here's my full Herald on Sunday column on Local Government New Zealand's call for a review of property rates as the main way for councils to raise money. I think any shift towards councils taxing income or sales would create another inter-generational wealth transfer and break a 150 year old social contract.


Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) has launched a review of the way councils raise money, suggesting complements to property rates ranging from payroll taxes to sales taxes to congestion charges and visitor taxes.