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In today's email we catch up with the latest political and economic news, including the Pike River drift video, rising dwelling consents in Auckland and a drop in business confidence.

A Labour Government would itself pay the families of miners killed in the Pike River disaster the full NZ$3.4 million court-ordered compensation before seeking reimbursement from the company shareholders and directors, said Labour leader David Cunliffe .

Members' bills on SuperGold cards and MMP reform were drawn from the ballot, the Fuel Levy amendment bill was introduced, the MPs' Remuneration bill was passed into law and the Pike River Health and Safety Bills passed into law.

David Cunliffe called on the Government to force government funds who were shareholders in Pike River to pay compensation to the families of dead miners, Rebecca Kitteridge was appointed the new SIS head, Police were given a clothing tax break, Craig Foss announced accounting industry reforms and librarians said Local Government reforms threatened the future of libraries.