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Newsroom's Shane Cowlishaw has another life besides being our National Affairs Editor and the father of infant twin boys. He is a beer podcaster.

Sometimes the internet's meme-makers can capture a moment in history better than any headline writer or editorialist.

Treasury outperformed its Trans-Tasman version in the Budget lockup on Thursday, delivering the most immaculate plate of lamingtons in the colours of the coalition Government's parties.

Parliament released the latest pecuniary interests register yesterday, including details of the gifts MPs receive. Chris Finlayson was particularly diligent in listing the details of a statuette and a flask. He's missing a new calling as an antiques dealer.

I've been following the progress of robots, particularly the ones from Boston Dynamics. Initially, they were hilarious because they fell over all the time.

US President Donald Trump is not a model in diplomacy, and neither are his diplomats. Hours after receiving his credentials, new American ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell tweeted the following.