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The Cook Islands is one of the Pacific's success stories - but that success comes with its own challenges. Sam Sachdeva reports from Rarotonga on the buoyant state of the country's economy and how that may affect its future.

New Zealand’s health system has been the subject of a string of bad press in the past few years, but how does the latest OECD report rate us?


Rod Oram surveys whether New Zealand is on the right track or the wrong track and finds New Zealand's growth model is hitting its environment limits. Poor productivity and housing failures are also holding us back.

The OECD has offered up a cure for New Zealand's economic achilles heel of poor productivity, but it's also hopeful that recently strong immigration will drive an improvement in the long run.

Eloise Gibson digs into the OECD's first review of New Zealand's environmental performance in a decade and finds it calls for action on cows’ greenhouse gases and water pollution, better public transport and warmer housing, including cosier new-builds. And it draws attention to New Zealand’s complex resource management framework, including differences in councils’ abilities to implement new water standards. The OECD also challenges the Government's plan to ramp up agricultural exports.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column in which I say that, just as our society has created an obesity-generating environment, it has also created a debt generating environment. Somehow, we have to change those social cues.