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Former EPMU leader and Labour list MP Andrew Little has announced he will run for the Labour Party leadership, saying he wants a review of all of Labour's policies, including its Capital Gains Tax, its plan for a later retirement age and its New Zealand Power policy.

For the convenience of email subscribers, here's my weekend column on whether Flick Electric could use new technology and raw market signals to 'do a Trade Me' to the electricity industry.

A report by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) on the Labour/Green proposal for a single state-owned electricity buyer has found it would increase private consumption spending by 0.1%, but leave real national disposable income unchanged. It would also encourage extra consumption and increase carbon emissions by as much as 0.5%.

Mighty River Power Chief Executive Doug Heffernan is hoping he doesn't get to see more detail before the election from the Opposition Green and Labour parties on their NZ Power proposal for a single state-run buyer of power.

New Zealand's largest energy generator and retailer, Meridian Energy, reported that in the six months to December 31 its average net sales price for residential and small business customers fell 1.6% from the corresponding period a year ago.


Transpower's new Chief Executive Alison Andrew appeared before the Commerce Select Committee for the first time on Thursday and detailed the power distributor's plans for a future of potentially flat power demand.