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As the Greens get ready for their annual conference, its MPs may be preparing for tough questions from supporters after taking some lumps in recent months. The party may need to fight its corner more often if it is to survive and thrive in government, Sam Sachdeva writes.

Winston Peters is handing over the reins to Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday night after six weeks in charge of the country. His last post-Cabinet press conference as Acting Prime Minister ended with neither a bang nor a whimper, but something far more in character with his stint in power, as Sam Sachdeva writes.

This week marks the 25th anniversary of New Zealand First, a party which has had three stints in power under Winston Peters. The party has survived personality clashes, sackings and a stint in the political wilderness - but where does it go next? Sam Sachdeva takes a closer look.

Fletcher Tabuteau was once mistaken for Winston Peters’ security detail - now, he’s filling in for him on the world stage. Tabuteau spoke to Sam Sachdeva about racking up the miles as an undersecretary, working in the shadow of Peters and Shane Jones, and his aspirations for higher office.

Shane Jones' attack on the Fonterra chairman was defended by his boss on the grounds he was speaking in a personal capacity. The Government may want to think twice about that approach given its aversion to John Key's hat-switching in the past, as Sam Sachdeva writes.

Newly released documents into the leaking of Winston Peters' superannuation details show the difficulties in tracking down the leaker - and offer some help to a public servant who does want to blow the whistle to the media, as Sam Sachdeva reports.