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At his party's recent conference, ACT leader David Seymour made the case for reducing the size of Parliament. But smaller government doesn't always equal small government, Liam Hehir writes, arguing that doubling the number of MPs could be a better call.

The National Party essentially has “no mates” at the moment – a lack of obvious coalition partners, which contributed to its loss of power in 2017. Dr Bryce Edwards of Victoria University examines National’s potential coalition options for 2020.

With Parliament currently considering a "waka-jumping" law to prevent MPs from switching parties, Liam Hehir argues voters, not party leaders, should hold politicians accountable for any defections.

Despite recent polls suggesting National could summon enough votes to govern alone, Prime Minister John Key has reiterated his belief they would be unlikely to achieve an outright majority in this year's election and would still need coalition partners, even those that National supporters may consider "wacky", such as Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

East Coast Bays MP Murray McCully, who holds the electorate in which Conservative leader Colin Craig lives, says any suggestion he might campaign "half-heartedly" in order to deliver the seat he has held for over 25 years to Craig was "silly" and would not go down well with his constituents.

Members' bills on SuperGold cards and MMP reform were drawn from the ballot, the Fuel Levy amendment bill was introduced, the MPs' Remuneration bill was passed into law and the Pike River Health and Safety Bills passed into law.