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Michael Cullen's Tax Working Group has warned of unsustainable deficits without tax reform. He says an ageing population and the gig economy will blow out pension and health costs and cut tax revenues. Thomas Coughlan reports.

The Tax Working Group has released its Future of Tax background paper, which will guide submissions to the group. The paper is divided into seven sections and considers everything from the current state of the tax system, the challenges it faces in the future, and what might be done moving forward.

The Government's Tax Working Group is gearing up to take submissions on how to improve the structure and fairness of the tax system, and today it releases a backgrounder on the challenges facing the current system. Thomas Coughlan looks at what it might contain.


Will Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson face a 'Winter of Discontent' like that seen in 2000 when Labour last won power? Rod Oram compares now with then and assesses the risks in a world bound to see more shocks and crashes.