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36 DAYS TO GO: The 'Jacinda effect' and the implosion of support for the Greens has transformed the election campaign, according to a fresh poll. The resurgence of Labour at the expense of the Green Party and a small fall for National means the election is 'game on' with a real chance of the Greens falling out of Parliament and a change to a Labour-New Zealand First Government. Bernard Hickey reports.

Just eight weeks ago, National appeared to be cruising to victory with a well-respected leader riding over the top of a meandering opposition. Now, all bets are off after the Greens accidentally unleashed a Jacinda-quake that could give Winston Peters a genuine choice between a waning National and a revitalised Labour. Bernard Hickey surveys a series of unfortunate events that has transformed the political calculus ahead of the election in 44 days.

What a difference eight hours can make. This morning Newsroom sat down with Metiria Turei, then co-leader of the Greens, and her counterpart James Shaw for a scheduled leaders Q &A. They both swore they would still be in charge, no matter what happened at the election. Here’s what they had to say:

Metiria Turei's revelations about her welfare fraud successfully helped the Greens eat into Labour's support and energise its base, but this act of political cannibalism may prove fatal for Turei, and potentially for the chances of a centre-left Government. Bernard Hickey comments on the unheavals within and between the two main centre-left parties and what it might mean for who will be in Government after September 23.