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The three main contenders for Bill English’s throne have revealed themselves - but who made the best impression? Sam Sachdeva reports on a day of frenzied activity at Parliament.

The head of the NZ Defence Force has signalled plans to cut back on spending and “reprioritise” resources in the coming years, which National fears could be a sign of further cuts to come.

Mark Mitchell has completed his first trip to Iraq as Defence Minister, saying Kiwi trainers are having a significant impact on the morale and quality of Iraqi troops. However, Mitchell warns the battle to defeat Islamic State won’t be easy, and is coming at a significant human cost, as Sam Sachdeva reports.

Military service runs in the blood of new Defence Minister Mark Mitchell, who has picked up the portfolio at a time of growing global instability. Sam Sachdeva spoke to him about New Zealand’s role in fighting terrorism and his exposure to the worst of humanity during the Iraq War.