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The Government’s new tourism infrastructure fund of $100 million over the next four years fails as an answer to the rising costs of tourism and very few councils will be eligible to apply, say local authorities. They have renewed their calls instead for a levy on tourists when they arrive plus a share of GST, Lynn Grieveson reports.

Both tap water and bottled water are high on the menu for Councils as they tussle with the Government over water quality standards and water allocation.

Councils across the country are facing a flood of bills to replace ageing water pipes, sewers and drains put down in the 1960s and they are calling on the Government to help plan and pay for the replacement infrastructure, which Local Government New Zealand says will cost up to $100 billion.

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) called on Wednesday for a national debate about how local government is funded and whether power over locally delivered services such as health, education and police should be devolved away from an increasingly centralised Government to local governments. Suggestions included regional income taxes paid to councils and payment of a portion of mining royalties to councils rather than the central Government.