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Local councils are facing a string of daunting challenges, ranging from sea level rise to massive infrastructure bills. Shane Cowlishaw explores how their relationship with the new Government will be integral in how they handle those challenges.

Online voting could feature at the next local council elections, but local bodies want the Government to share the costs after an earlier trial was axed. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

Following a survey showing strong public support for 'City Deals' granting certain councils wide-ranging powers, Wellington City Council is hoping to convince the new Government of the merits of the idea. Shane Cowlishaw reports.


A damning report on the state of New Zealand’s drinking water has called for mandatory treatment of the country’s water supply - but a battle is looming over the cost of making that a reality. Sam Sachdeva reports.

A damning report into the quality of New Zealand’s drinking water has recommended universal treatment of the country’s water supply, saying it “firmly and unequivocally” supports a change to the law.