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For the convenience of email-avoiding subscribers and samplers, here's the email sent earlier on Tuesday morning, including the latest house price figures showing Auckland and Christchurch continuing to sprint away from the rest of the country and the Reserve Bank disclosing 500 million security threat alerts a month.


Reinforcing the sense of turmoil and haphazardness around Kim Dotcom's nascent Internet Party, the larger-than-life German internet entrepreneur has cancelled his 'Party Party' at the Vector Arena next Monday after he received advice from the Electoral Commission it might breach electoral laws.

Sharples resigns as Maori co-leader Pita Sharples resigned as Maori Party co-leader, but said he would stay on as a cabinet minister until next year. He told reporters voters in the Ikaroa Rawhiti who rejected the Maori Party had told him the last year's leadership struggles had undermined support. There was some chatter about an early election, but John Key rejected that talk.