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ANALYSIS: Donald Trump wants to pivot to the Indo-Pacific and may want to revive a 'Quad' alliance between Japan, the US, Australia, and India. Sam Sachdeva explains why Jacinda Ardern will have to tread carefully.

In today's email we take a deeper look at the Hobsonville housing development,which is the model for the government's planned house building programme.

In today's email we look into one way Phil Goff might plug the gap in Auckland Council's transport funding, and we report from Bill English's visit to Japan.

While rugby and politics mix easily in New Zealand, the union is not without its occasional pitfalls - just ask John Key and his infamous three-way handshake at the Rugby World Cup.

With dozens of Japanese and New Zealand flags lining the street outside his official residence, it was perhaps fitting that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the two countries as “flagbearers of free trade”.

United States companies could still win big from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal despite the country’s decision to withdraw from talks, our government has confirmed.