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Percentage-based pay increases for politicians appear destined for the scrapheap, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announcing a salary freeze for MPs as the Government develops a “fairer” model to set their pay.

The ban on single use plastic bags may be just the start of bold moves by the Government on waste, but it will need to carefully chart a course between what the Greens want and what business will let them have, Thomas Coughlan reports.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern marked her return to public life by formally launching a national consultation process intended to improve public support for the pursuit of new international trade agreements and tackling head-on the mounting political fallout of declining business confidence.

The Government has formally launched its Trade for All agenda, with Jacinda Ardern saying the public’s confidence in trade must be rebuilt. Just another working group, or a savvy play to win back business confidence? Sam Sachdeva reports.

After six weeks of looking after her newborn daughter Neve, Jacinda Ardern is back running the country. Sam Sachdeva spoke to the Prime Minister about second-guessing herself as a parent, caring for a baby and a growing elephant, and the song that will soundtrack her 2018.