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Jacinda Ardern has wrapped up her week-long trip to the Pacific, saying the visit has set the Government up well to move ahead with its Pacific reset. Sam Sachdeva travelled with the Prime Minister, and looks at the trip's successes and the challenges that will come next.

Foreign investment in New Zealand often attracts political controversy - particularly when the money is coming from Asia. However, a new report suggests the fears don’t quite match the reality, as Sam Sachdeva reports.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekly column in which I argue that New Zealand may be increasing the size of its economy by adding people and resources, but is not improving the productivity that will make everyone truly richer in the long run.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column in which I ask why apparently rational investors borrowed over NZ$2 billion in 31 days to buy assets that make cash losses while very profitable businesses only borrowed NZ$12 million.