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Opportunistic individuals ranging from Nigerian drug dealers to Indian students are gaming an under-resourced immigration system to obtain New Zealand visas, according to intelligence reports. Teuila Fuatai reports.

Opening the floodgates to students from India led to their exploitation both at home and in New Zealand. As the industry recovers and attempts to pivot to a high-quality model, Shane Cowlishaw travels to India to find out where we now sit in the competitive international education market.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has completed her first major international trip in the top job. She spoke to Sam Sachdeva about “uncomfortable” moments in the spotlight, her vision for New Zealand’s role in the world, and speaking out about our big brother.


ANALYSIS: Donald Trump wants to pivot to the Indo-Pacific and may want to revive a 'Quad' alliance between Japan, the US, Australia, and India. Sam Sachdeva explains why Jacinda Ardern will have to tread carefully.

A free trade agreement (FTA) between India and New Zealand has stalled, with one official describing the deal as surviving on “life support”.

Last week's forced closure of International Academy of New Zealand (IANZ) and the potential deportation of hundreds of Indian students is threatening to turn into a repeat of the collapses of the Modern Age and Carich English language schools in 2003 that badly damaged the reputation for New Zealand export education in China for a decade.