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National Leader Bill English has claimed on the campaign trail that incomes have risen twice as fast as the rate of inflation in the last nine years. He also said exports are diversifying. Rod Oram has fact-checked both claims and finds English is mostly wrong on incomes and just plain wrong on exports.

Two reports released within 24 hours of each other neatly summarise the state of New Zealand right now. They showed the wealth of the richest sprinting ahead with property values, while the poorest are struggling with stubbornly low wages and fast-rising housing costs. Bernard Hickey reports on a tale of two New Zealands.

New Zealanders born since 1985 have largely missed out on the explosive gains in wealth and higher incomes seen since then. Now they are being set up to pay for baby-boomers' retirement and health care costs without a substantial enough NZ Super Fund to help them, or enough affordable housing to build their own families. It's just not fair and little is being done to fix it, writes Bernard Hickey.


Statistics NZ 's Income Survey for the June quarter confirmed it's been a tough recession for younger age groups, while those in the older age groups have seen much stronger gains in wages and salaries.