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Labour and New Zealand First have a lot of common ground when it comes to immigration. Shane Cowlishaw explores what’s been agreed to and what it might mean for the country.

We’re still waiting to find out who will form our next government - but whether it’s National or Labour, they and their coalition partners will face some pressing questions within days of taking power. Here’s a taster of the big issues that may be on their minds.


New Zealand First is in the box seat to help form the next Government - and, in exchange, will be looking to exact key policy concessions. Shane Cowlishaw explores how one of their pillars, cutting immigration, could affect industries reliant on foreign labour and what businesses are doing to prepare for any changes.​​​​​​​

NZ First leader Winston Peters looks set to again assume the kingmaker role as other parties fall down around him. As part of Newsroom's election coverage, Sam Sachdeva spoke to Peters about how he will slash immigration and what he makes of Jacinda Ardern.

Concerns about Chinese investment in New Zealand are never far from the surface, but one Chinese bank operating here says we have much to gain - and could even benefit from stepping up our ties to a major Chinese initiative. Sam Sachdeva reports.

ACT leader David Seymour has been going it alone in Parliament for the last three years, but he’s confident about a three-stage plan to revitalise the party’s flagging brand. As part of Newsroom’s election coverage, Seymour speaks about the issues on Kiwis’ minds and his own ambitions.