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NZ First leader Winston Peters looks set to again assume the kingmaker role as other parties fall down around him. As part of Newsroom's election coverage, Sam Sachdeva spoke to Peters about how he will slash immigration and what he makes of Jacinda Ardern.

Concerns about Chinese investment in New Zealand are never far from the surface, but one Chinese bank operating here says we have much to gain - and could even benefit from stepping up our ties to a major Chinese initiative. Sam Sachdeva reports.

ACT leader David Seymour has been going it alone in Parliament for the last three years, but he’s confident about a three-stage plan to revitalise the party’s flagging brand. As part of Newsroom’s election coverage, Seymour speaks about the issues on Kiwis’ minds and his own ambitions.

In today's email for Newsroom Pro subscribers, we look at how the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme could be expanded to include construction and tourism. We also include a fresh estimate that Auckland's housing shortage is headed over 50,000 and the latest on Auckland house prices from QV and Barfoot and Thompson, along with the usual quotes and numbers of the day and a couple of fun things.

A seasonal worker scheme providing employment for people from the Pacific has received a $10 million boost from the Government, which says it could be expanded to cover new industries like tourism and fisheries. While most are in agreement about its value for the workers, some have raised concerns about exploitation of those who come here, as Sam Sachdeva reports.

The Immigration Minister defended the Government’s immigration policy when appearing before a Select Committee, saying he had no interest in devastating industry. Shane Cowlishaw reports.