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MPs facing an already difficult choice on whether to allow euthanasia in New Zealand may feel increasingly conflicted after high-profile figures on each side of the debate made articulate arguments for their case, as Sam Sachdeva reports.

National leader Simon Bridges has wrapped up a two-month tour of New Zealand, saying the community events have given him a better sense of the issues on Kiwis’ minds. Sam Sachdeva spoke to him about how National must change and the road ahead.

The big news in the political economy this morning is the growing fear that US President Donald Trump's trade war with China and Europe is now hurting global economic growth and could cause a recession.

Tackling obesity, especially amongst children, has proven difficult for successive governments. With the current Government still deciding on its approach, officials have thrown out some ideas. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

A pay equity settlement worth $173.5 million has been reached with mental health and addiction support workers. Thomas Coughlan reports.