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James Shaw is on a national tour to consult on the Zero Carbon Bill. Thomas Coughlan reports on the long game Shaw is playing, including his appeals to National's Simon Bridges.


36 DAYS TO GO: The 'Jacinda effect' and the implosion of support for the Greens has transformed the election campaign, according to a fresh poll. The resurgence of Labour at the expense of the Green Party and a small fall for National means the election is 'game on' with a real chance of the Greens falling out of Parliament and a change to a Labour-New Zealand First Government. Bernard Hickey reports.

Just eight weeks ago, National appeared to be cruising to victory with a well-respected leader riding over the top of a meandering opposition. Now, all bets are off after the Greens accidentally unleashed a Jacinda-quake that could give Winston Peters a genuine choice between a waning National and a revitalised Labour. Bernard Hickey surveys a series of unfortunate events that has transformed the political calculus ahead of the election in 44 days.