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The Government will raise EQC coverage by 50 percent, but has yet to top up the National Disaster fund. Taxpayers will be footing the bill if there is another disaster within the next decade. Thomas Coughlan reports.

Reports of a recent rise in the risk of “boat people” coming to New Zealand following the Government’s stance on the treatment of Manus Island refugees are not backed up by any new intelligence, a senior MFAT official says.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has met again with her Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the situation on Manus Island, promising up to $3 million in aid to Papua New Guinea.

The relationship between New Zealand and Australia looks set to face another test, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern meeting her counterpart Malcolm Turnbull to again push for a resolution to the crisis on Manus Island.


Christchurch City councillor Raf Manji is making an independent run for the seat of Ilam - held by former earthquake czar and National MP Gerry Brownlee with a nearly 12,000-vote margin. Is Manji the Red Peak of electorate candidates, or could he actually topple Brownlee? Leaning back on the black leather couch of his inner city apartment, Raf Manji projects an urbane air.

An Australian committee will soon report back on whether to allow the deportation of under 18-year-old migrants, including New Zealanders, who commit crimes. What impact could this have on Trans-Tasman relations?