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The Government is looking at new and novel ways of financing infrastructure without breaking its strict budget responsibility rules.

Employers used immigration of cheap workers to keep growing at the end of 2017, putting off the tough decisions and investment needed to boost productivity and real wages. Thomas Coughlan reports. 

The GDP numbers released by Statistics NZ on Thursday morning make for mixed reading, with a hot summer hitting New Zealand's dairy industry.

The OECD has offered up a cure for New Zealand's economic achilles heel of poor productivity, but it's also hopeful that recently strong immigration will drive an improvement in the long run.

Bernard Hickey looks inside the spreadsheets of the National Accounts for the 2016 year and finds a fast-growing overall economy, but one that is not generating much output growth per person. Record high net migration and a buoyant services sector helped expand the economy and offset weak manufacturing and farm output in the December quarter.