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Former MP Peter Dunne argues Gareth Morgan's TOP was one of a long line of short-lived parties set up by moguls, and National can't rely on another flash-in-the-pan party for support.

The Opportunities Party has decided to dissolve itself and de-register as a political party after winning just 2.4 percent in the 2017 General Election, well short of the five percent required to enter Parliament.

Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party is slowly creeping upwards in the polls, with the eccentric economist claiming the party can reach 30 per cent by 2020. Sam Sachdeva was at TOP’s campaign launch in Wellington.

Working for Families has been tweaked in recent years in ways that squeezed inflation-adjusted incomes and increased marginal tax rates. Shane Cowlishaw examines whether the policy is failing and if it could be given a boost in the Budget.