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Immigration New Zealand is struggling under the weight of a massive influx of visa fraud and migrant abuse complaints. Shane Cowlishaw reports.


New research has raised concerns about how New Zealand organisations are protecting those who speak out about wrongdoing. Do we need to do more to look out for our whistleblowers?

Last week's forced closure of International Academy of New Zealand (IANZ) and the potential deportation of hundreds of Indian students is threatening to turn into a repeat of the collapses of the Modern Age and Carich English language schools in 2003 that badly damaged the reputation for New Zealand export education in China for a decade.


National MP Shane Ardern announced he wouldn't seek re-election in 2014, Chester Borrows announced over 5,300 beneficiaries had been cut off after IRD and MSD shared their data, Michael Woodhouse announced a review of immigration advisers, Tim Groser announced South Korea had restarted free trade talks with New Zealand and Hekia Parata announced a review of the NZ$70 million spent on professional development for teachers.