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If we don’t have robust conversations about China in New Zealand, we risk sleep-walking into a relationship with a nation we don’t fully understand or ruining one of our most important international relationships, Pip McLachlan writes.

New Zealand appears unlikely to follow Western allies in expelling any Russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying our intelligence officials are unaware of any Russian spies operating here.

Over-fishing is a growing problem in the Pacific, as nations try to stop their stocks from being depleted beyond repair. Sam Sachdeva visited Suva to learn about Fiji’s efforts to stop illegal fishing in its tracks and how New Zealand is lending a helping hand.

When some Fijians think of New Zealand, they think of big white flying boats soaring overhead – a common sight between 1941 and 1967 when the RNZAF had a base in Laucala Bay. Sam Sachdeva was in Suva for the unveiling of a sculpture to commemorate New Zealand’s flying boat veterans.