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New Zealand First is in the box seat to help form the next Government - and, in exchange, will be looking to exact key policy concessions. Shane Cowlishaw explores how one of their pillars, cutting immigration, could affect industries reliant on foreign labour and what businesses are doing to prepare for any changes.​​​​​​​


Labour has announced it would reduce net migration by 20,000 to 30,000 a year if it was in government, mostly by limiting the work visas available to international students at private training establishments.

In another reminder that migration is right at the centre of the economic and political debate, Statistics New Zealand reported net migration jumped back up to a record high 6,340 in seasonally adjusted terms in the month of September from 5,660 in August.

The Government announced a significant tightening of its migration settings yesterday, moving to increase the skill levels of new permanent residents, suspend applications from parents and toughen the English language requirements. It is also reviewing temporary work visas and student visas, along with the work testing around those visas.