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Former EPMU leader and Labour list MP Andrew Little has announced he will run for the Labour Party leadership, saying he wants a review of all of Labour's policies, including its Capital Gains Tax, its plan for a later retirement age and its New Zealand Power policy.


Annette King describes Labour's current internal strife as not as bad as the feuds and schisms that tore apart Labour in the late 1980s, but the public divisions certainly plumbed multi-decade lows before another fractious three-hour caucus meeting on Tuesday.

For the convenience of email subscribers, here's my weekend column on whether voters and investors use long enough time horizons in an era of very low inflation and interest rates.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand published its September quarter Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) and held its regular post-statement news conference on Thursday. Here's the ten things of note from the statement, the conference and the reaction. The bottom line is the OCR could now be on hold until mid 2015.

Labour has highlighted a drop in the export sector's share of the economy, as it continues to accuse National of a dangerously narrow focus on primary produce and an inability to deal with an over-valued New Zealand dollar.