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At his party's recent conference, ACT leader David Seymour made the case for reducing the size of Parliament. But smaller government doesn't always equal small government, Liam Hehir writes, arguing that doubling the number of MPs could be a better call.

The World Trade Organisation’s latest conference ended with a lot of talk but no meaningful action. With the United States continuing its attacks on the body and a lack of leadership from other countries, where does the WTO go from here? Sam Sachdeva reports.

Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker says the Government will not shrink away from New Zealand’s leadership role on free trade - but it must be on our terms. Before heading to Apec, Parker spoke to Sam Sachdeva about taking on “the excesses of globalised capital” and avoiding a public backlash.

Newly released documents have shed light on a troubled intern scheme linked to the Labour Party, with the party’s secretary telling electoral officials the scheme’s organiser “had not been forthcoming” in disclosing how it was funded.