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The head of Immigration New Zealand says there has been no increase in the risk of people smugglers making trips here, backing up his foreign affairs counterparts and countering Australian reports of increased “chatter”.

The head of the NZ Defence Force has signalled plans to cut back on spending and “reprioritise” resources in the coming years, which National fears could be a sign of further cuts to come.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her government successfully navigated their first few months on the world stage, with only a few bumps in the road. However, 2018 may present some early tests for Ardern and her team, as Sam Sachdeva writes.

Defence Minister Ron Mark faces some big decisions as he reviews the Defence Force’s strategic plans for the decades to come. Mark spoke to Sam Sachdeva about the debts owed by the Government to veterans and the military’s role in “the war on climate change”.


A blow-out in the cost of a major defence project has led to a war of words between the new government and its predecessor, with Defence Minister Ron Mark suggesting Navy crew lives were “compromised” as a result.

At some point, the previous government’s big-money promise for defence equipment was going to run into political reality. But courtesy of the Labour-led Government’s arrival, it is happening faster than expected, writes Robert Ayson.

New Zealand’s foreign and trade policies could be set to shift, with the Labour-led government handing over key international portfolios to New Zealand First and fighting for changes to the TPP. Sam Sachdeva looks at some of the key policies and the reaction from experts.