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The Government has said that it will make a decision on the future of New Zealand’s deployment in Afghanistan by September 30th. A decision on deployment in Iraq will be made by November. Thomas Coughlan reports.

The annual Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore is a chance for Asia-Pacific countries to discuss the region's major security challenges. David Capie attended the summit and says the rise of the "Indo-Pacific", tension between Washington and Beijing, and hints about changes to New Zealand's defence policy were among his takeaways.


The New Zealand air force’s aging P-3 Orions suffered five separate engine failures within the space of a fortnight, bolstering calls for their replacement. Sam Sachdeva reports.

A shake-up of the support offered to Kiwi veterans may be on the way, with Defence Minister Ron Mark saying he is open to widening eligibility rules for who can qualify.

As an island nation, water looms large for New Zealand on the security front. Climate change, drug trafficking and countries competing for influence were among the concerns raised at a conference to discuss threats in our maritime environment, Sam Sachdeva reports.

Over-fishing is a growing problem in the Pacific, as nations try to stop their stocks from being depleted beyond repair. Sam Sachdeva visited Suva to learn about Fiji’s efforts to stop illegal fishing in its tracks and how New Zealand is lending a helping hand.