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Corrections is in the spotlight after placing a child sex offender in a motel housing vulnerable families, a sign of a wider problem it faces. Dozens of houses may have to be built on prison land as the housing crisis and community opposition bite, Sam Sachdeva reports.

COMMENT: Shane Cowlishaw looks at Andrew Little's hopes for fundamental reform to the justice and corrections system and sees a range of political land mines ready to go off under the young Government.

Compensation payments to some of New Zealand’s most high-profile offenders have been quietly paid for abuse they suffered while in state care, but plans to restrict how they can use that money have been shelved. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

In what sounds like the plotline of a Hollywood movie, a man accused of importing cocaine escaped custody after a string of blunders by the Customs service. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

After months of delays, the Government has finally announced its plans around the dilapidated Waikeria Prison. But its goal of reforming the justice system could prove to be its most difficult task.

Governments across the world, including in New Zealand, are engaging in “criminal negligence” by moving to centralise data without the proper precautions, an Australian-based cybersecurity consultant says.

As an island nation, water looms large for New Zealand on the security front. Climate change, drug trafficking and countries competing for influence were among the concerns raised at a conference to discuss threats in our maritime environment, Sam Sachdeva reports.