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A damning report on the state of New Zealand’s drinking water has called for mandatory treatment of the country’s water supply - but a battle is looming over the cost of making that a reality. Sam Sachdeva reports.

A damning report into the quality of New Zealand’s drinking water has recommended universal treatment of the country’s water supply, saying it “firmly and unequivocally” supports a change to the law.

In today's email we dig into the continuing standoff between local and central Government over paying for the infrastructure needed to cope with a growing population, increased tourist numbers and tougher water standards.

The Government’s new tourism infrastructure fund of $100 million over the next four years fails as an answer to the rising costs of tourism and very few councils will be eligible to apply, say local authorities. They have renewed their calls instead for a levy on tourists when they arrive plus a share of GST, Lynn Grieveson reports.

Both tap water and bottled water are high on the menu for Councils as they tussle with the Government over water quality standards and water allocation.