Articles tagged Climate Change


In a move that has polarised Green politicians and activists, Genesis Energy has announced it will keep burning coal until 2025 and possible as late as 2030. With James Shaw and Greenpeace lining up on opposite sides of the issue, Thomas Coughlan reports on why Huntly's smoke stacks could stay up for at least another decade.

Defence Minister Ron Mark faces some big decisions as he reviews the Defence Force’s strategic plans for the decades to come. Mark spoke to Sam Sachdeva about the debts owed by the Government to veterans and the military’s role in “the war on climate change”.

During the 364 days it took for the Ministry for the Environment to get permission to publish new guidelines on rising seas, lobby groups for coastal residents’ succeeded in removing an explicit 1.9m test for large new housing developments. Meanwhile councils were pleading for access to the final guidance, as Eloise Gibson reports.

In today's email we reported on the challenges facing next year's planned "digital first" census, dug into the document dump about the questions asked during coalition negotiations and detailed some grim reading on climate change.