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State Services Minister Chris Hipkins says public servants should provide more candid advice to the Government, encouraging ministers to “embrace disagreement” in the name of better policy.

Plans to restrict the pay of Crown entity chief executives could put New Zealand’s superannuation fund at risk of political interference, the board’s chairwoman has warned MPs.

The board of New Zealand’s superannuation fund has come out swinging against proposed government restrictions on chief executive pay, suggesting they may breach the body’s statutory independence.

The polytechnic sector is on the brink of collapse, fighting against low unemployment and a voracious private market. How did things get so bad, and is there a way back for our polytechs? Shane Cowlishaw reports.


With the quality of New Zealand’s international education sector under the spotlight, the department charged with keeping tabs on the sector says it is only undertaking a quarter of the monitoring it should be. Shane Cowlishaw reports.


Primary teachers and principals could barely contain their anger, and excitement, as their union launched a campaign seeking a $300 million annual pay rise for its members. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

New Zealand's multi-billion dollar export education sector faces a repeat of a 2003 collapse in its key Chinese market after the forced closure last month of the privately run New Zealand National College (NZNC) left many students feeling betrayed by authorities and stuck without qualifications or full refunds.