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Parliament released the latest pecuniary interests register yesterday, including details of the gifts MPs receive. Chris Finlayson was particularly diligent in listing the details of a statuette and a flask. He's missing a new calling as an antiques dealer.

Former spy minister Chris Finlayson has thrown government officials under the bus for a blunder which deprived Kiwi spooks of visual surveillance tools, saying they would have been to blame had a terrorist attack occurred.

A newly-drawn member’s bill would introduce heavy fines for jurors and strengthen protection for judges against defamatory comments. But could it infringe on the public’s right to free speech? Shane Cowlishaw reports.

Senior courts will soon be able to advise the Government that legislation is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights. The Government hopes it will add another check to Governmental power in New Zealand, but Thomas Coughlan reports this may just add bark to our ultimately toothless constitution. It doesn't hand ultimate power to the courts over Parliament, as some have hoped (or feared.)

IT systems used by the Security Intelligence Service to hold security clearance vetting information operated for years in breach of mandatory standards, New Zealand’s intelligence watchdog says.

Cabinet papers show Treasury opposed the Government's decision announced on Monday to increase and extend the rebate for large and small screen productions, arguing the scheme had delivered only small economic benefits and actually cost the Government a net NZ$168 million since its introduction in 2004.