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Former MP Peter Dunne asks why the Foreign Minister and Defence Minister have chosen to provoke China and Russia in their latest Defence Review. He sees it as a spurious, vainglorious and risky move for a small trading nation.

The Government's new defence policy statement caught the eye of many for its more candid discussion of China. But a bigger challenge facing New Zealand may be the gap between its defence resources and what the country may be asked to do, as Van Jackson writes.

The Chinese government has told New Zealand to “correct its wrong words” on the South China Sea, but Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says the Government intends to hold firm. Sam Sachdeva reports.


A new Government report has offered a worrying picture of threats to New Zealand and the international order, saying pressure will play out in newly potent ways - including from “an increasingly confident” China. Sam Sachdeva reports.

The Government has laid out its views on the threats facing New Zealand in a new defence document with surprisingly few punches pulled. The strategy answers a number of questions about the main threats we face, but how we can afford the cost of addressing them is less clear, as Sam Sachdeva writes.

With Donald Trump indicating the US will not play a part in the fight against global warming, James Shaw is heading to the country he now expects to take up the leadership role. Shane Cowlishaw talks to the Climate Change Minister about how the role China may play

As a senior diplomat under Barack Obama, Kurt Campbell helped shape the US relationship with China. Now he says the American view of the Asian superpower needs a fundamental rethink. Campbell spoke to Sam Sachdeva about China’s role in the international system, Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy, and New Zealand’s position on the world stage. *

New Zealand must strengthen its voice in the Asia-Pacific as the country faces an “inflection point” in its history, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says. Sam Sachdeva reports.

China's central bank effectively eased monetary policy overnight to pump up a slowing economy. The easing came as Donald Trump ramped up his trade and investment war rhetoric. Annual migration fell a bit, but monthly migration rose as work visa numbers kept rising. Labour's election campaign manager will jump straight into Air New Zealand in August.