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Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson plan to transform the way Government measures success in next year's Budget. Their 'Wellbeing' Budget will go beyond GDP, surpluses and debt. Bernard Hickey reports.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has launched her Child Poverty Reduction Bill designed to create a multi-decade and bi-partisan system for measuring the reduction of child poverty. It also ticks off the second-to-last major item in the new Government's 100 day plan.


The 2017 Child Poverty Monitor shows a slight reduction in the number of children living in New Zealand’s poorest households, but Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft says much more needs to be done, Teuila Fuatai reports.

In the past 25 years, the rate of children living in income poverty has doubled. In Shane Cowlishaw’s ongoing “watchdog” series, the man charged with protecting kids' rights explains what we’re doing wrong and why it was a cop-out for our former Prime Minister to say the problem could not be measured.