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Amidst the flurry of ministerial resignations and appointments, the UK’s announcement that it is formally considering joining the CPTPP trade deal was easy to miss. Sam Sachdeva reports on the significance of the announcement, and the obstacles in the way.

The UK’s High Commissioner to New Zealand Jonathan Sinclair is heading back to London after three years in the role. Sinclair spoke to Sam Sachdeva about the “adult” relationship between the two countries and what Brexit means for our existing ties.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says New Zealand will be no worse off as a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union, following bilateral talks with Prime Minister Bill English.

In today's email we find out why October 12 may be a very important date, and we take an in-depth look at infrastructure funding and how the migration tweaks may themselves be tweaked as a result of industry lobbying.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson put forth the usual platitudes during his first day in New Zealand, but he has already faced some tougher questions over his country’s attitude to Kiwi arrivals. Sam Sachdeva reports.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column about how Brexit and the election of Donald Trump represent the sudden collapse of a social contract in favour of globalisation. Tweaks won't be enough to rebuild it.

For the convenience of subscribers, here's my weekend column in which I say Donald Trump's implosion does not mean the anti-globalisation backlash has ended - but rather it has only just begun, and New Zealand should adapt and ensure we don't catch the worst of the Trumpism bug.