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After almost 30 years the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has abandoned its pioneering approach of focusing solely on inflation. It will now aim to both keep inflation low and maximise employment, although it's not clear yet whether it's more than just window-dressing. Thomas Coughlan reports.


Reserve Bank Governor-designate Adrian Orr and Finance Minister Grant Robertson said there would be no change to the Bank’s two percent mid-point target for inflation when they signed the Reserve Bank’s new Policy Targets Agreement at the Beehive on Monday, but they did include a new aim of supporting maximum levels of sustainable employment.


The New Zealand Superannuation Fund CEO and future Governor of the Reserve Bank, Adrian Orr, is concerned enough about the rising cost of carbon emissions that he ordered the fund to sell $1 billion worth of carbon emitting assets. Thomas Coughlan reports.

A proposal to place tighter controls on the pay of crown entity chief executives will provide “more teeth” to keep any increases in line with the wider public sector, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson expects new Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr to review the bank's modelling that currently shows unemployment cannot go any lower without generating an inflation surge. Bernard Hickey reports.

The old guard still running the Reserve Bank are in no mood to cut interest rates, but new Governor Adrian Orr will face pressure from the Government and some economists to cut when he arrives in just over six weeks as inflation remains stubbornly at the bottom end of the bank's target band.


Unemployment's fall to a nine-year low of 4.5 percent begs the question for interest rate setters: has the economy revved so hard that it is about to generate inflation? Bernard Hickey looks under the hood and finds a higher performance engine.