Lynn Grieveson

Lynn Grieveson is a reporter and sub-editor based in the Parliamentary Press Gallery for Hive News. She has previously worked in Sydney as the editor of the insurance industry newsletter Cover Note and was the Commerce Commission's spokeswoman in Wellington in 1992 and 1993. Lynn initially joined the Parliamentary Press Gallery in 1991.

Metiria Turei's revelations of historic benefit fraud may have forced her to quit as Green Party co-leader and seen her party plummet in the opinion polls, but the rise in support for Labour may yet see her dream of benefit reform realised. Lynn Grieveson reports.

Prime Minister Bill English has rediscovered his jawbone and has sent a clear message to the Reserve Bank that he expects it to start thinking about scrapping its restrictions on loan to value ratios, now that house prices across the country are flat or falling. He also said a new limit on debt to income multiples that the bank wanted to introduce was no longer needed.

Labour's new leader has pledged her Government would develop legally-binding carbon budgets, setting up a clear choice for voters eyeing National's tweaks to existing laws, Lynn Grieveson reports.


National MP Alastair Scott won few new supporters for the Government in a disability rights debate in Wellington last night, saying ‘love has consequences’ when asked about disabled people losing benefits when they move in with partners.