Lynn Grieveson

Lynn Grieveson is a reporter and sub-editor based in the Parliamentary Press Gallery for Hive News. She has previously worked in Sydney as the editor of the insurance industry newsletter Cover Note and was the Commerce Commission's spokeswoman in Wellington in 1992 and 1993. Lynn initially joined the Parliamentary Press Gallery in 1991.


Treasury has gone through the Labour-led Government's policies with a fine tooth comb teasing out where costs will increase, and listed them as "policy change risks."

The Government is anticipating a rise in costs for providing services for children with autism and other special needs, as well school students with English as a second language.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is hopeful the Reserve Bank will ease restrictions on Loan To Value Ratios for first home buyers, in part because other measures being taken by the Government to take pressure off house prices could give the regulator room to breathe easier.

New Zealanders increasingly think we're moving to a cashless society. So why has the amount of cash held in New Zealand more than trebled in the last 20 years? Lynn Grieveson looks at whether criminals, tradies or abusers of migrants are responsible.