Lynn Grieveson

Lynn Grieveson is a reporter and sub-editor based in the Parliamentary Press Gallery for Hive News. She has previously worked in Sydney as the editor of the insurance industry newsletter Cover Note and was the Commerce Commission's spokeswoman in Wellington in 1992 and 1993. Lynn initially joined the Parliamentary Press Gallery in 1991.

Are there fewer complaints about our financial services sector than in Australia because the culture of banks and insurers here is better, or is it because customers are "just losing the will to live?".

A gut feeling that banks may not have learned their lesson around prudent lending is holding Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr back from easing loan to value restrictions, Lynn Grieveson reports.


The New Zealand directors of subsidiaries of the 'big four' Australian banks have been put on notice by the new Reserve Bank of New Zealand governor to ensure they are acting in New Zealand's interests and in tune with New Zealand's banking culture, not that of their parents across the Tasman, reports Lynn Grieveson.