Richard MacManus

Technology columnist Richard MacManus is wary of alarmist talk that digital devices are completely 'rewiring' childrens' brains, but argues parents should take an active approach to managing use of these devices.

Technology columnist Richard MacManus finds the arrival of the massive Hawaiki cable has created an opportunity for New Zealand to build global cloud computing businesses, thanks to our clean power, cold water and stable politics.

New Zealand's online retailers are doing surprisingly well against global gorillas such as Amazon. Newsroom technology columnist Richard MacManus finds local distribution centres and the rise of online grocery sales are helping.

Technology columnist Richard MacManus looks at how New Zealand companies are using facial recognition and biometric data. He warns there are real bias and privacy dangers that shouldn’t be ignored.

Newsroom's Technology columnist Richard MacManus dives into New Zealand's thriving agri-tech sector to find a cow-whispering fitbit backed by Rocketlab's Peter Beck, Peter Thiel and Stephen Tindall.