Shane Cowlishaw

Famous for its wineries and orchards, Hawke’s Bay has a regional economy that is cyclical and heavily reliant on immigration. Shane Cowlishaw explores what effect a potential change of Government could have - and what’s being done to get local young workers into jobs.

Hawke’s Bay has a tasty reputation for stunning syrahs and delicious fruit, But, perhaps more than any other region, the use of water has been fiercely debated, leaving residents on both sides bitter. Shane Cowlishaw reports as a new row erupts just days before the election.

With just over a week to go before the election, expect a busy weekend as parties campaign hard for votes. Last night's poll did little to clear up who is leading this race. Meanwhile, the Saudi sheep controversy has reared its head again, both Labour and the Greens have pledged their support to the reo in schools and ACT has announced a tough on crime policy to try and grab some votes. Shane Cowlishaw reports.


With 12 days to go to Election Day, voting is officially open for those wanting to get in early. Suicide and mental health has again featured prominently on the campaign trail, while National has again raised the spectre of an inheritance tax if Labour is elected. Shane Cowlishaw reports.


Forget Ohariu, one of the real political battles looks set to happen across the Rimutaka ranges in the Wairarapa. Shane Cowlishaw explores what’s shaping up to be a tight race in the rural electorate.

Just over a month ago, in a reality that now seems like fantasy, the Labour Party was languishing in the polls with a different leader. Shane Cowlishaw talks to Andrew Little about what it’s been like to suddenly take a back seat.