Shane Cowlishaw

A digital curriculum initiative that was announced by the previous government is due to begin a progressive roll-out next year. Is it still on track, and are we doing enough to prepare children for a new future? Shane Cowlishaw reports.

New Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis is seen as a great hope by many in the justice reform sector. But being viewed as soft on crime has historically been like swallowing a dead rat for the government. Can he make a difference? Shane Cowlishaw reports.

When will teachers know more about the fate of National Standards? What is the state of school infrastructure? How will tertiary education change under Labour? Shane Cowlishaw speaks to new Education Minister Chris Hipkins about his plans.

Police Minister Stuart Nash has his “dream” job following Labour’s rise to Government. He talks to Shane Cowlishaw about why he is in favour of police pursuits, the potential of a crack “flying squad” of officers and how he will ramp up the force’s numbers.

The Official Information Act was supposed to make Government more transparent. Instead, Governments from both sides have used and abused the Act to obstruct and deflect requests for public information. Shane Cowlishaw doubts the new Labour Government will follow through on its pre-election rhetoric on the need for reform.

New Zealand’s health system has been the subject of a string of bad press in the past few years, but how does the latest OECD report rate us?

Will robots steal our jobs? How will we earn money, and will businesses survive the looming technological changes that will transform our economy forever? Shane Cowlishaw heads to a conference on the future of work to find out.

As New Zealand Football gears up to bid for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the union representing its players is preparing for its own battle – equal terms and conditions for both male and female players. Shane Cowlishaw reports.