Shane Cowlishaw

COMMENT: Shane Cowlishaw looks at Andrew Little's hopes for fundamental reform to the justice and corrections system and sees a range of political land mines ready to go off under the young Government.

The disputed sale of a couch has ended in sensitive details about sexual assault suffered by one of the parties accidentally being released by a * Ministry of Justice staff member. Shane Cowlishaw reports. * * *

A sensitive case file that was misplaced at a Night and Day convenience store left a woman “understandably upset” after it was sent to the man she was locked in a dispute with. Shane Cowlishaw reports.

With school buildings crumbling around students and teachers, the Government is suggesting it may be time to take away the responsibility of maintaining them from school boards. But will more ministry oversight be a good thing? Shane Cowlishaw reports.

With Donald Trump indicating the US will not play a part in the fight against global warming, James Shaw is heading to the country he now expects to take up the leadership role. Shane Cowlishaw talks to the Climate Change Minister about how the role China may play