Weekend Reads


Here's a few longer reads on economic, political, social and environmental issues for the weekend.

Can we avoid another financial crisis? That's the key question in economist Steve Keen's latest book, which is reviewed by Ed Chancellor at Reuters' BreakingViews. They focus on the credit impulse, and what happens to an economy when that unwinds

We take Facebook, Google and Twitter for granted in the west, but there is now an entire generation that has grown up online without these platforms: China. T he New York Times has taken a look at what that sort of life is like in this detailed piece of reporting.

China continues to extend its influence, often through the ethnic Chinese communities in various countries around the Asia Pacific, including Singapore. Here's a fascinating look from the New York Times at how Singapore is starting to push back.

This Bloomberg piece on the end of the global housing boom is well worth a read.

Like many New Zealanders, I still have an Australian superannuation fund in Australia because I worked there for five years. The scandals being uncovered in that sector are extraordinary, including the unnecessary selling of multiple insurance policies. Here's a great SMH piece on that.