8: Wednesday's pick of the news links

Here are my pick of the links to news on the political economy from other news sites on Wednesday.

Frances Cook (Herald): Allegations 800,000 NZers at risk of medical privacy breach

Matthew Theunissen (RNZ): Calls for national wastewater testing for illicit drugs

RNZ: Winston Peters suspects Russia meddling in US election but awaits proof

Stuff: Kyung Yup Kim awaits court decision on extradition to China

Emily Cooper (1News): Facebook ‘expressed regret’ around their handling of situation in face of accusations of NZ Privacy Act breaches

ABC (Australia) - Trade war masks a bigger problem in China's slowing economy

Vox: Clean energy is catching up to natural gas

New York Times: As Tensions With U.S. Worsen, Europe Courts New Partners and signs trade deal with Japan.

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