7. Two fun things...

Reporters running down the steps of the US Supreme Court steps with news the Court approved Donald Trump's travel ban by a vote of 5-4.

I remember as a young journalist for Reuters in the early 1990s that my job was to duck out of news conferences with central bank governors and finance ministers to get the news onto the 'wire' and in front of foreign exchange dealers before our competitors, including Knight Ridder and Telerate (in those days) and Dow Jones and Bloomberg.

I had good footwork and wide elbows. I was also proud of my phone technique. Crazily, we measured success in seconds. Those were the days....

Now, the big news comes out of the Supreme Court in the United States. There was intense interest in what the Court had ruled on Trump's travel ban yesterday, as can be seen in this contest between journalists to run out of the building to take the news to their colleagues.

Here's Liz Brown Kaiser with a humble brag tweet:

"The fastest intern to get the #SCOTUS #travelban decision from the press office to our correspondent @TerryMoran outside...and proud of it! Sprint-worthy breaking news. @ABCPolitics @abc"

I loved that the slower journo is wearing the running shoes...

And here's a bonus twitter thread from Red Hen Press in America. All you need to know is that Red Hen restaurants all over America (not a chain just unrelated restaurants called the Red Hen) are coming under attack online after Donald Trump's press secretary was asked to leave the Red Hen farm-to-table restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.

"@RedHenDC and @RedHenPress checking on twitter after @RedHenLex refused service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders."

You will laugh at the quality of this thread.