8. Wednesday's pick of the links

Here are my pick of the links to news on the political economy from other news sites on Wednesday.

Eric Crampton: Getting to 5

Anne Gibson (Herald): It’s not 3% - ASB analysis suggests up to a fifth of properties sold to non-residents

Audrey Young (Herald): David Parker says Cabinet approved an exemption for Te Arai development from ban on foreign speculators

George Block (ODT): 70-hour weeks - no apology

Lisette Reymer (Newshub): Psychologists struggling to cope with youth anxiety in New Zealand - expert

Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Accountants fume over ‘perfect storm’ at Inland Revenue

New York Times: Harley-Davidson Plan to Move Production Abroad Draws Tax Threat From Trump

Reuters: Put on probation, Uber wins London license to avoid ban

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