7. Three fun things...

Donald Trump is a subject of conversation in our household regularly. We often wake up and wonder what he has done recently to outrage and mislead the world.

But this takes the cake.

He is due to meet with Kim Kardashian in the White House tonight. The reality television star has asked the US President to pardon a 62-year-old great-grandmother serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense and the President looks set to agree. ( Vanity Fair )

Democracy is a weird thing. That has been illustrated in Italy in the last week. The coalition that won the election there wanted to install a eurosceptic finance minister. The head of state (their version of the Governor General) decided this was too dangerous because it might upset the bankers and bond markets that hold Italy's debt. He rejected the recommendation. Now Italy faces fresh elections that could turn into a referendum on the euro. Ultimately, it proved the bond vigilantes are more powerful than voters if a country's debt is too high, at least when that country does not control its own currency.

Alessandra Bochi put that perversion of democracy into context with this tweet:

"Imagine if, after the American election, the electoral collage decided to make Hillary president instead of Trump, despite Trump winning. Imagine further if it cited “protecting foreign investors” and “democracy” as reasons for doing so. This is happening in Italy right now."

The twitter pollsters have been hard at it come up with a snappy name for a decision over Italy leaving the euro. Sam Ro had this poll:

"I’m not crazy about “Italexit.” But i’m down for “Italeave” or “Quitaly.” We need to get this sorted out right away."

And there's a great pic...